Online File Storage

What is cloud backup?

Backing up your files and data to the cloud involves copying files and folders to a remote cloud server location. Unlike other platforms that only run a backup once a day, cloud backup from Storage Whale is automatic and continuous. This means it’s constantly running in the background, looking for any new documents or changes to existing documents. This ensures your files are always up to date and makes recovery of any lost documents quick and easy.

Why do I need cloud backup?

Quite simply, there is no safer, easier or more affordable way to protect and preserve your computer files, photos, music, videos, etc. than backing them up to the cloud. If your computer crashes, is damaged or stolen, or if data is accidentally deleted, you can recover your files at any time, from any device and in any location, as long as you have access to the internet.

How does cloud backup work?

It couldn’t be easier to use Storage Whale. Once you provide some basic account information, simply log in through your browser. Our intuitive dashboard leads you through a few simple steps in which you select the data directories you want to back up.

Most users select their Documents, Pictures, Music and Movies directories, but you have the freedom to select anything on your hard drive that you want to protect. After that, Storage Whale does the rest, performing continuous, automatic backups of any new or modified files.

How much data can I back up?

Unlike other services you might have used in the past, Storage Whale gives you truly unlimited backup storage, with no hidden fees or extra costs. Back up all your files without ever worrying that you’ll hit your data limit.

How does data recovery work?

Whenever you want to recover your data — from a single file to your entire backup — simply log in, go to the dashboard and select the files you want to recover and restore. Storage Whale takes you through the quick and easy steps.

Is online file storage safe?

Storage Whale uses the same top-level encryption protocols that the government uses, protecting your data in the cloud as well as during file transfers. And unlike some other services, we also provide virus and malware protection for your stored data, included as a part of your subscription fee.

How will my backup data be protected?

In addition to encryption and virus/malware protection, we use a dual storage location protocol. This means that your data will be backed up to the cloud and to our offsite file servers, located in a staffed, secured data facility.

How do I back up my hard drive?

Although you have the option to back up your entire hard drive, should you so choose, we recommend only backing up your data (documents, photos, music, etc.). Restoring a full hard drive backup won’t work in most cases. Instead, should you lose your computer or have to replace your hard drive, you simply reinstall your operating system (i.e., iOS, Windows, etc.) and then recover your data.

Is cloud backup the same as cloud storage?

It’s easy to confuse cloud backup like Storage Whale with cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.), but the truth is they’re different platforms with different purposes. They don’t work in the background to constantly update your backup files. Instead, you have to save each file or document specifically to that location.

How does cloud backup differ from backup software?

Backup software is typically used to save data to an external hard drive or tape drive. These software packages can be expensive and difficult to use. With Storage Whale, you don’t need any special backup software. All you need is the internet and a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

Can I use cloud backup for photo storage?

Storage Whale is perfect for storing your precious photos and keeping them safe. Simply select the directories or folders where you keep photos on your computer and they will be backed up multiple times each day without you lifting a finger or clicking a mouse.

Does cloud backup work for Mac?

Although not all cloud backup services work with Apple’s Mac and iOS platforms, Storage Whale does. So whether you use a PC or a Mac, you will enjoy our simple, seamless data backup and recovery experience.

Is cloud backup appropriate for my business?

Cloud backup is not only appropriate, but critical for businesses to protect invaluable electronic data and digital assets. Safer and more reliable than local or on-site backup options, our business cloud backup eliminates the risk of data loss to safeguard your company’s future. You’ll never have to worry about scheduling your backups or contending with tapes or external drives. Simply set it and forget it! You won’t find a better or more affordable unlimited online backup service for your business than Storage Whale.