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Cloud Storage & Data Backup for Home

Storage Whale’s cloud storage and data backup solutions for home use are the most secure and affordable way to protect your precious photos and computer files.

Would you believe that 1 in 4 people never backs up their home computer, or that just slightly more than 5% of computer owners back up their data daily? Once upon a time — when we didn’t rely on our computers for virtually every part of our lives — this didn’t pose such a pressing problem.

Today, however, your computer has all your family photos, music, videos, important financial information and a host of other files that could be potentially devastating to lose. And if you use your devices for any school or work tasks, you run the risk of losing even more.

Home Computer Data Risks

Hackers, viruses, malware, hard drive failure, fires, flooding and theft are just a few of the risks your home computer faces. If you use a laptop, dropping it can mean losing everything. And don’t forget phishing, ransomware and Trojan horses.

Even your own friends and family members can accidentally delete important files, folders or directories.

The bottom line is that your computer files are vulnerable all day, every day to multiple (and serious) threats. If you can’t imagine losing your precious family photos or having your personal information fall into the wrong hands, you need a way to back up your system and keep your data secure.

The Easy Way to Retrieve & Recover Home Computer Files

One of the most common reasons computer owners cite for not backing up their data is that it’s too hard or they simply don’t know how. Storage Whale has designed our systems to address these concerns. In fact, you won’t find an easier or more intuitive interface. Access your data dashboard from any internet browser from any device at any time.

The second reason that you may not have implemented a cloud storage solution is cost. Again, Storage Whale to the rescue. You can enjoy unlimited backups for an amazingly low monthly cost, with no long-term contracts or commitments necessary.

The Best Personal Data Backup & Storage Option

Quite simply, Storage Whale offers the best personal cloud backup service available today. We offer unlimited data storage at a cost so low you won’t believe your eyes.

Don’t let our low prices fool you though, as we use the best available data encryption protocols available today. We also protect your data by including virus and malware protection as a part of your service — with no extra costs or hidden fees. We even use a dual-location data storage approach, backing up your files in two separate locations: in the cloud and at our secured offsite storage facilities.

With our simple-to-use interface, unlimited storage capacity and low prices, you have no reason not to keep your home computer data safe and reliably backed up. You can see for yourself how easy it is to use Storage Whale by taking advantage of our free trial. Simply click the button above and get started with our home cloud storage and data backup services.