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Online Photo Storage

As you have probably come to realize, having a camera in your hand all the time — via your smartphone, of course — means you quickly accumulate megabytes (or gigabytes) of image files that don’t fit on your phone.

You can download them and store them on your computer, as most of us do, but what happens if your computer is lost, stolen or damaged? You lose the only copy of all those precious memories, that’s what.

But when you choose Storage Whale for your Mac or PC online backup and data storage, you can protect your irreplaceable photos forever.

Cloud Photo Storage Options

To keep your photos secure online, you have many options to choose from — some better than others.

You could choose one of the many cloud storage options available, but when using these services, you must manage your online photo storage manually. That means uploading your images yourself, setting up folders, etc. You also have to remember to add new files as you download them to your computer.

If you use a photo backup and recovery service like Storage Whale, all that will be handled for you. Running seamlessly in the background, Storage Whale backs up every image for you automatically, along with any other files, music, videos, etc., that you would like to protect.

Photo Backup & Recovery

Using our online photo backup and recovery platform, you have access to your images from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and a browser. Simply log in, and through our user-friendly dashboard, you can select any images that you want to restore.

You will never have to worry about losing your precious family photos again.

Storage Whale is also ideal for professional photographers and hobbyists. With no limits on how much you can upload, you can have your entire body of work safely backed up in the cloud.

The Best Cloud Storage for Photos

Our platform uses the most advanced encryption technology available today. This protects your photos in the cloud, but it also ensures their safety upon upload and download (recovery). We provide — at no additional cost to you — both virus and malware protection for your files. And because we use a dual location protocol, your images are backed up to both the cloud and our secure offsite servers.

Our platform is simple to use, even if you aren’t computer-savvy. And once you set up your backup, you never have to concern yourself with it again unless you need to restore photos or files.

When you consider all the benefits that we offer for cloud photo storage, our low monthly fee becomes even more of a value. You can take our cloud backup and recovery platform for a spin free of charge by clicking the button above. We know you’ll agree that Storage Whale is, without a doubt, the best online photo storage option available today — and the most affordable.