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Cloud Storage & Data Backup for PC

If you use a Windows-based personal computer, you need the Storage Whale cloud storage and data backup for PC platform.

Every day, you face the real risk of losing your computer data, including files, personal documents, photos, music and movies. Other backup methods can’t compare to the security, simplicity and ease of use of our platform.

Not only do we offer the best cloud backup for PCs, but it’s also the most secure and affordable option available today.

PC Data Backup & Recovery Made Easy

If you have ever tried to back up your personal computer, you know how difficult it can be.

Backing up to an external hard drive can be a nightmare, as you either have to use expensive computer backup software or perform the whole process one file or folder at a time. External backup drives are just as vulnerable as your hard drive, subject to data corruption, drops and spills.

Storage Whale takes the guesswork out of getting your data backed up and maintaining it. In fact, our system performs automatic backups that occur continuously behind the scenes. You can rest easy knowing your files are safe and sound, waiting for you if you ever need them.

The Best Cloud Data Backup Option for Your PC

For an unbelievably affordable monthly fee, you can store as much data as you need to without worrying about extra costs or running out of space. We use advanced encryption and protect your data by uploading and storing it both in the cloud and on our secure offsite servers.

Restoring your data is as simple as clicking your mouse a few times, using our browser-based dashboard interface. You’ll wonder why you’ve waited so long to keep your PC protected with online backup.

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